Exasol in virtual environment

It’s a good idea to setup a separate Exasol instance for tests in virtual environment. You may run it on your local laptop, remote server or in the cloud.

There are two possible installation options available:

  1. Community edition (official guide)
  2. Exasol for Docker (github)

Please note that Docker version only works on Linux at this moment. Docker for MacOS and Docker for Windows are not supported.

Testing schema

I use schema called EXASECRETS for tests and code samples provided in this blog.

In order to create this schema, please run following SQL statement:



For testing purposes I assume that Exasol instance has following connection string and credentials:

dsn       = localhost:8563
user      = SYS
password  = exasol
schema    = EXASECRETS


Some examples involving Python might use PyEXASOL package. Please install it using following simple command:

pip install pyexasol

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